6th june 2008
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The idea is simple;

Having bought and bizarrely decorated a jalopy, you and your team mates don fancy dress and head south on a four-day extravaganza through the French countryside deciphering clues, collecting objects and performing simple tasks.


Other than having a little fun and enjoying ourselves the aim of course is to raise money for charity.

We hope that each car will raise more through sponsorship, advertising or even a straight forward donation and have set ourselves an unofficial target of £1000 per vehicle.


cars2carcassonne is NOT a race. If we could drum anything home, that would be it.

The idea is to get everyone to each ‘pit stop’ in one piece and share a few stories over a nice cup of tea.

In normal circumstances each leg should take roughly FOUR hours. You will have ALL DAY to complete the same journey. The ‘check points’ have been designed to keep you off the motorway and enjoy a relaxed drive through the countryside. In fact, there are hidden penalty points for those of you with a heavy right foot.

The Ethos of cars2carcassonne is the taking part, the camaraderie, a team event, looking a little silly dressed as a teddy-bear taking a photo of Elvis eating an ice cream in the middle of a town square. There is absolutely no advantage to racing.

All that said, safety of course is of paramount importance and there are restrictions, so please read the rules.

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