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You will not be permitted to enter the treasure hunt unless…..

1. The vehicle is in a sound, safe and road worthy condition
2. Each driver has in their possession a valid driving licence – BOTH parts if you have a pink photo card
3. Each driver has fully completed, signed and returned the entry form
4. Each team has fully completed, signed and submitted the vehicle declaration form by 30th April
5. The vehicle has a valid MOT certificate dated to cover the entire journey
6. Each team has in their possession the original Vehicle Registration Document
7. You complete, sign and surrender section 11of the V5C (log book) – see 6 above
8. Each participant has paid their entry donation of £32.50 (minimum £65 per team)




You will not be permitted to enter the treasure hunt unless…..

1. On the first day you must show a purchase receipt for the vehicle of less than £250
2. On the first day you must produce the documents detailed in Safety above
3. Ideally no more than three people in a team (see Game Rules 1. below)
4. The vehicle must be scrapped at the end of the journey
5. On the day, you will be asked to demonstrate how much you have risen for charity
6. No vehicle may be more than twenty years old




1. You may be asked to assist others and accept a passenger if needed. As such you must ensure that a spare seat is available when leaving London.
2. This is not a race and road signs, driving conditions and speed limits etc must be observed. You will not score points for arriving before others and in fact are more likely to incur a time penalty.
3. Each clue, task or photograph will attract a set number of points. Additional points may be added or deducted as a result of your enthusiasm, zest or creativity with additional tasks. See Clues.
4. The organisers / judges decision is final.
5. Fancy Dress & Livery – anything considered obscene or dangerous will not be accepted – please see Fancy Dress & Livery.
6. Advertising – what and where you may advertise is restricted - please see advertising
7. Damage to other vehicles is not permitted.




1. The Organisers of cars2carcassonne, the sponsors or Associated Companies accept no responsibility whatsoever.
2. Each team and or its members are responsible for:

  • Your own safety and the safety of others
  • Ensuring your vehicle is in a safe and road worthy condition
  • All costs incurred
  • Booking your flight / crossing to and from France
  • Arranging your own accommodation and meals etc
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Travel Insurance
  • Getting your vehicle to a scrap yard
  • Third Party Insurance – Please see insurance – you may be covered free of charge.




The ethos of cars2carcassonne is the taking part and camaraderie. We strongly encourage fancy dress and bizarrely decorated cars. However, without wanting to sound like party-poopers, please remember the money raised is being donated to a children’s charity. Please take into consideration that children or people may see you, your car or photos. Anything considered inappropriate will not be permitted.

Not wanting to influence you, but a children’s theme may earn you extra points!

Always consider safety, especially before attaching anything to the vehicle.

Please see Advertising.




We are extremely pleased to say that TRADEX have offered to provide third party insurance for the duration of the treasure hunt. Full terms and conditions are available upon request.

You will appreciate certain conditions, such as minimum age, experience or previous convictions etcmy apply and as such you or your team may be excluded from the cover or be required to pay a premium.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have in place motor insurance providing the legal minimum required for both England and France. And adequate travel insurance.




For a number of reasons the vehicle MUST be scrapped at the end of the journey. We have organised a scrap yard in Carcassonne to take the vehicles, however, their terms are as follows:

  • No vehicle may be over twenty years old
  • You must disclose the vehicle to us by 30th April
  • Third party insurance must be in place up to and including 15th June
  • They will require the keys
  • They will require all paperwork
  • You must have submitted section 11 of the V5C (log book) to us




Please check with your breakdown service that your cover extends to Europe and the age of the vehicle is still acceptable. Some services apply a levy for older vehicles.

If you do not have annual breakdown cover; a short period policy can be purchased but again, please check the age of the vehicle.




The ethos of cars2carcassonne is being ‘part of’ a team of equally minded loonies driving bizarrely decorated cars to the south of France and in so doing raising money for charity.

It would be pointless if your vehicle was simply covered in your logo. Similarly, if we do attract any media coverage (a big if) they will not print a photo of your car if it contravenes their advertising policy. However, we appreciate that some of you will wish to have your company logo on the vehicle, or indeed sell advertising space to raise money toward your charity donation. As such we have imposed the following restrictions.

1. Subliminal advertising may cover the whole car.


2. Logos, contact details or blatant references must be below the rubbing strip; this is the lowest third of your vehicle.

3. On the day – qualifying vehicles will be endorsed by two stickers

4. The windscreen should be left blank – cars2carcassonne may stick small safety, bonus point or even penalty stickers on the windscreen for their own reference. You may also be asked to display a boarding pass for the ferry.




Ninety percent of the clues and tasks will be extremely simple instructions. You do not have to complete all objectives, but each will carry points toward your final score.

Generally you will be directed to a town or place of interest (checkpoint) and then asked to complete a task, photograph something, purchase an item or answer a few questions.

The directions to the checkpoint will either be very specific, or require a little thought or puzzle solving – but nothing difficult.

Similarly, answers to the questions may be glaringly obvious or they may require running around the town (in your fancy dress) looking in every shop window.

Nothing will be difficult and should be achievable in fact some may be verging on simplistic. But remember this is not a race. Points are achieved by taking part not arriving first.

The odd bonus clue may pop up depending on your chosen route. All we suggest is – take the most direct route and keep off the motorway as much as possible.

You will receive both daily questions and a weekend pack.

Your weekend pack will contain a photo copy map of the area in which you may travel. No clue, task, photograph or collectable will be outside of this boundary. We suggest you bring your own detailed maps.

Remember – hidden bonus points / penalties exist. These will be predetermined and set in stone but will not be revealed until the following day. E.G. you may receive bonus points for wearing a pink hat – similarly you may have points deducted.

Bring a digital camera!!!


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